a new concept in education, ever transforming, originally at Coronado High School, then at San Diego Jewish Academy, and now a virtual and real place to explore your passions: writing, reading, design, art at the Granada Treehouse Studio
Do you have something to say?

Do you need to express yourself?

Do you love to create?

We mean really create!

Create with your heart and soul!

Do you get off when people see, read, and experience your work?

Do you want your work to look as great as it reads?

Then WriteDesign is for you!

Worth checking out:

Drawing Prompts - Each artist link provides an opening representative image suitable for drawing by students. Additional images and information are also provided to help students explore the vast possibilities of artistic expression.

Site Map - A list of all the pages, yes, all of the pages on this site.

Quotes - Lots of quotes about life, art, and philosophy as well as links to other quote sites.

Historical and Cultural Context - provides an overview of art movements and the context in which they developed. We have not covered every movement or period, rather selected snippets to help provide students with an opportunity to explore the elements that have influenced other artists in their quest for expressing personal voice. As with all of our work, this site remains a work in progress.

Granada Treehouse Studio - a collaboration between Melissa and Doug to provide a virtual and real place to explore your passions - writing, reading, design, art

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